Connetquot — Unexpected Encounters…

Went walking with “Cactus Killer” today on my favorite trail in Connetquot, and even visited the little spot I found for drawing the last time I was here. It was about mid-afternoon, so I didn’t expect we would see much wildlife, but we had incredible luck (too bad I didn’t have my camera this time!)

We had the amazing good fortune to see 31 deer! It was like a deer convention. There was a whole herd of them. We couldn’t believe it. As we started our walk we saw one or two in a clearing through the trees, then as we turned we saw the whole meadow was full with grazing deer — maybe eleven of them. That was so exciting in and of itself we were quite content with our walk. But then we saw another meadow area with a bunch more, we kept counting and couldn’t believe there were over twenty. At a certain point we walked right near a few of them, young ones, and only when we crunched some dry leaves underfoot did they look up.
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