The Great American Roadtrip

Six weeks. One Jeep. And three ordinary people — on the lookout for extraordinary adventure. We hit the road in July 2010, and drove more than 10,000 miles, rediscovering America, from coast-to-coast through the heartland. The trip took us along Route 66, the Pacific Coast highway, into Death Valley, and down to the Rio Grande before we made our way to New Orleans and then back up through the south home to New York. Along the way, we camped in state parks, national forests and remote back country sites (with hotel stopovers in the more urban locations). And we made sure to get up close and personal with the land as well, hiking, rafting, hang gliding, canyoneering, and more.

For a complete look at the trip, with notes from the road, our trip log, and planning tools, see our roadtrip site. Or follow the links below for details on specific segments.

The Great American Roadtrip: New York, A Beginning…

We set out for a six week adventure across America in July of 2010. New York to California via Route 66, and then back on a loop that took us through Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana before turning north toward home. New York was the beginning. With the team gathered, we finished final preparations, loaded the Jeep, and hit the road… [ continue ]

READ MORE: LET’S TAKE A ROAD TRIP (the challenges of trip planning) | READY, SET, GO! (anticipation and final preparations) | NEW YORK, A STARTING POINT… (about New York and our departure) | UNDER THE HOOD (preparing the Jeep) | TIME FOR A NEW TENT (choosing a tent) | PORTFOLIO: NEW YORK (images from NYC, Long Island and the team’s send-off)

The Great American Roadtrip: An Idea…

It started out simple enough — the old “wouldn’t it be fun to…” kind of idle chat between two friends on a lazy summer afternoon. “Wouldn’t it be fun to take the Jeep and drive Route 66 to California…” Six weeks and 10,000 miles later, we had done way more than a “simple” Route 66 trip… it was a life changing experience… [ read more ]

Hiking Long Island, NY

Lately I’ve started exploring the natural wonders of suburban Long Island. Though I spent a lot of time here growing up, this is the first time I am getting beyond the malls and standard suburban cultural fare. And I am constantly amazed by my new discoveries. There is a whole other side to this place, full of natural beauty and secluded wilderness spots, right here in the heart of the ‘burbs. Complied here is a journal of my local wanderings, walking on our “wild” side.

France, Versailles

A very different walk today. Took the 171 bus directly to the palace of Versailles and spent the morning walking thru the elaborate gardens that once belonged to the kings of France. It is winter and the magnificent fountains are all shut-off for the season. The garden statues are wrapped to protect them from the weather, reminding me of the work of the contemporary artist Christo, who goes around “wrapping” the world’s monuments. But the walk itself is an enjoyable change. Continue Reading →

France, Parc de St. Cloud — Old Palace Grounds…

Back to the Parc de St. Cloud today, but it is colder, the air is clear and the sky is blue, creating a very different ambiance. There are no signs of the little red squirrels this time. Continue Reading →

France, Parc de St. Cloud — Meeting Mr. Red

Not that bright a day today, but much warmer than it has been here in France lately (it seems Europe is experiencing an extremely cold winter this year) and so I decided to go for a walk. While the Paris area is quite urban, there are a few very large parks on the edges of the city, and as we are located in Sevres, I chose to go wandering in the Parc de St. Cloud. Continue Reading →

Sunken Meadow — The Greenbelt Trail

Wanted to try the Greenbelt Trail again, this time I picked it up at a starting point from the Sunken Meadow State Park, which is actually mostly a big beach, and I imagine in summer it is packed something awful, but as it is the middle of winter I expected some solitude. I was wrong about that, as the nice weather encouraged lots of folks to get outside, and many went to the state parks, I suppose. Continue Reading →

The Garden: First Crocus

The 2012 gardening season is officially here — the first crocus has pushed its way up this morning, signaling “spring.” Time to start cleaning out the gardens and begin planning for planting! Big Weasel’s Garden will need lots of love this year to keep it blooming in her memory… I will do my best!

GARDEN: 27 FEB 2012