Sedona, Arizona

One of the most beautiful places in the southwest, Sedona AZ is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s red rock majesty is a playground for hiking, jeeping, and just exploring. In 2012 I ended up here by “accident” — I was simply searching for a place to rent a trail capable Jeep for another project. But this magical landscape drew me in. [read more]

Long Island NY

Long Island might seem a strange place to go “exploring,” but beyond the malls and standard suburban sprawl there’s still some amazing natural beauty and secluded wilderness spots. [read more]


December 2012 trip to Serbia. [ workspace2012 | workspace2013 ]

Desert Challenge

October/November 2012 trip. [workspace]

West Virginia

August 2012 trip to West Virginia. [workspace]

Northern Italy

September 2012 trip to Northern Italy [workspace]

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

May 2012 Jeep Expeditions Org trip [workspace]