Project nomads2nomads builds around an epic journey to bring people together across borders and cultures in a true exchange. The simple idea is to connect overlanders with residents in the communities we travel through in support of local non-profit associations and NGOs — doing good as we go.

The project grew up from the initial idea of an independent Jeep expedition across the Sahara that could connect nomadic communities with NGO microprojects, while producing a series of documentary shorts intertwining the saga of complex offroad adventure with the stories of people living in one of the most unforgiving places on earth. The trans-Sahara expedition remains an important goal, and we are currently in the process of conducting scouting and exploratory missions in the region, however in the meantime, we’ve started connecting with potential partners and like-minded projects that represent the “do good as we go” ethos. Learn more about what we’ve been up to here.