Short Beach — The Marshy Side…

Today I set out for a walk on the beach along the Long Island Sound at Short Beach in Smithtown, but when I got there, I decided to take a different path, and go around by the marsh to the other side of the place I went by kayak a few weeks ago. This is where the Nissequogue River actually empties into the Long Island Sound. Continue Reading →

Connetquot State Park — Sketching Deer

Another nice fall day, and i thought i might see some deer, but i really did hit the “jackpot” in the deer department today — i saw 11 of them. I took my regular trail loop and was just enjoying the fresh fall air when i saw the first group of deer not far from the treeline. Then quite a bit further along I saw an actual “family” of deer grazing together… a mother deer, a small deer which i assume was the baby, and then a large deer with imposing antlers which i assume is the father. I kept a bit of distance in case the mother thought i was too close to the baby. I don’t know how deer react (i know they aren’t bears, but i still wouldn’t want that big father deer charging me with those huge antlers, that is for sure)…
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Blydenburgh Town Park — Memory Lane

Just wanted to go for a quick walk this afternoon, so choose the nearest park. This place seemed so big when I was a kid, but now it seems quite small. Of course I will never forget it as the place where my Dad concluded we were definitely not the “outdoors-y” type — the decisive moment was when he slipped off a log and kind of fell into a muddy stream. That was “enough” for him, and it was the last time we all went together to do any kind of “nature” activity.
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Nissequogue River by Kayak

Absolutely gorgeous day today and I decided to actually try the Canoe trip on the nearby River (i found out about it at some point when i was researching things, and today seems like a good day to try.) — I thought it would be on the River that goes through Connetquot where I was drawing the other day, but in fact it is in a different place, and takes us to the beach where we sometimes go walking.

Well, it is not exactly the beach, but the marsh-y areas that is right behind the beach. We learned that it is called a “Tidal River” and so the timing of our trip will depend on the tides, as we can only go in one direction depending on the tide. For the moment i don’t understand it very well, but it was an interesting exploration.
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