Birch Creek Loop

The other week I started walking in the Pine Barrens, and it was such a great discovery. This week I decided to try the Birch Creek Loop in Flanders. It was not so easy to find the starting point for this hike, and I initially found my way into another beautiful spot on the bay, further up. A quick GPS check on my iphone and I saw the spot I was supposed to start in. As it is a small dirt turn-off, I had missed it on the way out. A short drive, and I was there.
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Hubbard County Park — A Dock on the Bay

Set out to find a trail on Birch Creek Road, in Flanders, not far from the famous “Big Duck,” but made a mistake and ended up on Red Creek Road instead. I was in the Hubbard County Park, and there was active hunting going on. Continue Reading →

Manorville — The Pine Barrens

A very cold (hi of 33) but bright day, and I was determined to explore the Pine Barrens trails I had discovered online. I decided to start with an “easy” one, according to the little brochure I’d downloaded, a short loop that they referred to as “El’s trail” that was in Manorville. I drove out there, and it seemed to be a very small park that almost didn’t look like a park when you arrived. Continue Reading →