Short Beach — The Marshy Side…

Posted on November 6, 2011

Today I set out for a walk on the beach along the Long Island Sound at Short Beach in Smithtown, but when I got there, I decided to take a different path, and go around by the marsh to the other side of the place I went by kayak a few weeks ago. This is where the Nissequogue River actually empties into the Long Island Sound.

The light was that kind of sharp autumn light that envigorates and intensifies color and the marsh grass looked golden, and I couldn’t help but think of that patriotic song… “amber waves of grain” … this isn’t grain, but the breeze is making it “amber waves” for sure.

It is a magical light. A light that can transform things from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I walked along, protected from the wind by the dunes and these sandy cliffs that seperate this marshy area from the sea, the Atlantic Ocean, just on the other side (actually it is the Long Island sound, and across the way is Connecticuit, not Europe, but it is still technically the Atlantic Ocean). At some point along the way, I noticed a path up into the pines, and decided to take that way, and I came out on an amazing view. It didn’t seem like here at all, but rather some kind of desert landscape. A plateau of scrubby pines and sandy soil, with no sign of the Ocean I was expecting to see. I kept walking along the path, and eventually found myself on top of a sand cliff, overlooking the take out point for the kayak trip on the otherside.

In between was the river feeding out to the sea, and a bit of marsh toward the bottom of the sandy cliff before the beach itself. I looped back along the direction I knew to be the picnic BBQ area right near the beach.

That area was now deserted too, and there was just the surreal sihlouette of a cutout cowboy propped up against a phone pole amid some drift wood piled up in one corner of this wide open space. It was surreal.


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